Membership registration

General information about E-P-A membership

  • Membership is free of charge
  • Members can be individual or associated members
  • Membership is open to:
    • employees of health and social care organizations with an interest in care pathways
    • individuals who are employed in providing care pathways services
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and not act in any way as to bring the association into disrepute
  • The E-P-A Bureau reserves the right to withdraw membership
  • A member may resign membership sending an email to the E-P-A Office manager or Secretary
  • E-P-A will not be influenced by industry and other commercial interests. Applications for membership from commercial organizations will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Commercial members will not have access to databases of information regarding E-P-A members
  • Your details will not be passed on to commercial companies. The only exception to this is with regard to conferences organized in association with the E-P-A or conferences that the E-P-A supports
  • By joining E-P-A, you agree that your personal data will be stored and used for E-P-A mailings