The goal of the European Pathway Association is:

RESEARCH – To conduct international research into the quality and efficiency of organizing healthcare and methods for the coordination of primary healthcare and care pathways (aka clinical pathways, integrated care pathways (ICPs) or critical pathways).

NETWORK – To set up an international network for pooling know-how and the international training initiatives that go with it.

COOPERATION – To foster international cooperation between healthcare researchers, managers and healthcare providers from European countries and the wider international community.

ADVISE – To advise policymakers within the area of healthcare management.

The association will achieve this goal by, among other things, performing and developing any activity which is related, directly or indirectly, to healthcare. The association will stage annual conferences on problems in the organizing of processes or care pathways in healthcare in Europe or elsewhere. The discussion subjects will be chosen by the Council on the advice of the officers of the meeting (the Bureau). All activities will, insofar as possible, be organized on a rotating basis in the different countries where the association has offices. For this purpose, it will liaise with universities, scientific societies and local institutes.