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This association is an international not for profit organisation (ivzw) under Belgian Law of Clinical Pathway/ Care Pathway Networks, User Groups, Academic Institutions, Supporting Organisations and individuals who want to support the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical / care pathways. The purpose of the association is:


To conduct international research into the quality and efficiency of organizing healthcare and methods for the coordination of primary healthcare and care pathways (aka clinical pathways, integrated care pathways (ICPs) or critical pathways).


To set up an international network for pooling know-how and the international training initiatives that go with it.


To foster international cooperation between healthcare researchers, managers and healthcare providers from European countries and the wider international community.


To advise policymakers within the area of healthcare management.

If you want up-to-date information on the healthcare management concept of care pathways, you can join our association for free. Members receive updates and international networking information and reduction at pathway conferences.

If you want more information on this association, please contact our office manager dr. Ellen Coeckelberghs. If you are searching for information on the concept and methodology of care pathways, please contact our E-P-A bureau members, our contact person(s) in your country or our council members.

Best regards,

The Bureau Members