New National Section: Italy

Following the successful International Care Pathway Conference 2015 in Reggio Emilia last October, E-P-A has a new National Section in Italy. Any country with more than 20 members can form a National Section. There are more than 20 individual E-P-A members in Italy, and there are two volunteers to lead the section. We introduce the Chair and Co-Chair of the Italian Section.

Alberto Deales, MD PhD

Alberto Deales is Medical Director of the Hospital Trust “Marche Nord” in Pesaro.

Quality and clinical risk manager at the Health Authority “ASUR Marche” from 2013 to 2014. Has been Director of Clinical Governance Area of the Healthcare Regional Agency of Marche Region (ARS Marche) from 2006 to 2013. He has been Director of Care Pathways Area of ARS Marche from 2003 to 2006, responsible for implementation of patient safety, patient empowerment, continuous medical education, clinical audit, clinical guidelines and integrated care pathways in the Healthcare System of Marche Region. He leads the development and implementation of integrated care pathways for STEMI, Stroke and Hip fracture in the 15 hospitals of Marche Region. Chair of National Research Projects on care pathways for Stroke, Heart Failure, COPD and Cardiovascolar prevention. Professor of “Organisation of health and social services” at the University of Ancona from 2006 to 2010. Member of the Board of the National Guideline System of the Italian Ministry of Health from 2005 to 2009. Member of the “Strategic Committee for Quality Insurance for the Canton Ticino Hospitals Federation” in Switzerland since 2009.

Ulrich Wienand, MD PhD

Dr. Wienand is in charge of the “Accreditation Quality Research & Innovation” Unit at the University Hospital Trust “S. Anna” in Ferrara and Lecturer on contract at the Medical School of the Ferrara University. He is vice-president of the Ethics Committee in Ferrara. Currently he coordinates a training course in “Clinical Research” in Ferrara, financed by the Regional Government of Emilia- Romagna. In the past he chaired the National Working Group on Clinical Audit in the Italian Society of Quality in Healthcare (Siquas) and the Italian section of the “Internation Quality Indicator Project” (IQIP). He was principal investigator of research projects on “Safety Climate in Healthcare Organizations” and on “Cost-Efficiency of Patient Safety Indicators”. His principal fields of work and research are: Clinical Performance Indicators, Clinical Audit, Accreditation, Patient Safety. From July 2015 he is the editor of a blog on assessment and evalutation of clinical performance (

Future plans

Dr. Deales and Dr. Wienand are delighted to be the inaugural Chair and Co-chair of the Italian Section of the European Pathway Association.

Given that a remarkable number of Italian EPA members in the past have been involved with building and assessing clinical pathways, the first goal of the Italian section will be to map and promote the work that is already done in different healthcare organisations over the peninsula.

A public conference will be organised by autumn 2016, and –hopefully- an introductional training course will be announced in 2016.

The Italian EPA section is committed to collaborate with healthcare organisations like hospitals and local healthcare trusts, with regulatory institutions on a regional and national level, as well as citizens’ and patients’ representations.