Update Spanish National Section

The Spanish section of the EPA organized a seminar with last year Degree students and second year students of the Master in Nursing Science at the Faculty of Nursing in the University of Huelva. The aim of the seminar was to provide an overview to Nursing Degree and Master´ students about the use of care pathways from an international perspective and to raise awareness within future healthcare professionals of its benefits from an organizational and clinical level. The session took place the 20th of November was coordinated by Rafaela Camacho, and prof. Mariscal and prof. Merino, both lectures and members of the Spanish section, also participated. The seminar was divided into three sessions, the first one was an introduction to care pathways and presentation of the European Pathway Association, the second one was focused on the design and development of care pathways in Andalucia and the third one was orientated towards the evaluation of care pathways. A total of 60 students attended and provided a very positive feedback about the sessions.