ICPC2015 Patient experience

During the Round Table session on the final day of the ICPC2015, ms. G. Gelosini told the audience a very personal story from her perspective as a patient. She encountered negative and positive experiences during her illness. Among the negative experiences were not being taken serious by professionals and a fragmented care process. The positive experience were summarized in 7 positive aspects about care pathways:

  1. Multidisciplinary approach in order to compare and share clinical decisions (diagnosis, treatment, etc.)
  2. Teamwork in order to organize all the figures not to waste time
  3. Continuity of care at the point of interface
  4. Organization and facilitation of care pathway
  5. Listening to the point of view of the patient on own pathway and on pathway in general to understand some important elements, aspects, passage
  6. Regulation of each phase of the pathway
  7. Updating of al professionals with scientific discoveries and literature

Needless to say that E-P-A strongly agrees with these 7 aspects!

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