Fragile Hip Fracture Recovery: an E-P-A study

In April 2019 we announced a research partnership with Zimmer Biomet, to study hip fracture care pathways. The study protocol was recently presented.

How high is the need for the development of guidelines and the optimization of the care process for patients with fragile hip fractures in Europe? Prof. Dr. Sermon presented the European Pathway Association study protocol to assess the variation in care for hip fracture patients at the ICOOT conference in London. This study collaborative effort of 15 highly motivated European centers and is made possible by the support of Zimmer Biomet (special thanks to Didier Deltort, Marc S. Ostermann, Ann Van Bulck, and off course the 15 participating hospitals (from 11 European countries). EPA team: Kris Vanhaecht, Cedric Slock, Ellen Coeckelberghs, Massimiliano Panella, An Sermon & Stefaan Nijs

Poster IPSOS conference