First Announcement: E-P-A Summer school 2017

In September 2017 E-P-A will organize a 3 day international summer school on Care Pathways and Management of Care Processes. More info soon!

The Care Process Self-Evaluation Tool (CPSET) for the first time in a Nordic language

Many E-P-A members and care pathway developers are familiar with the Care Process Self-Evaluation Tool (CPSET), which ten years ago was developed by researchers at the KU Leuven in Belgium and validated in the Belgian–Dutch Clinical Pathway Network in cooperation with the European Pathway Association (E-P-A) (Vanhaecht et al. 2007).

Happy news today: the instrument is now available in Norwegian language. Norwegian is a Nordic language that is understood in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and partly in Finland and Iceland. The CPSET has been used in several other European countries, including Belgium, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany (Camacho-Bejarano et al. 2012, Seys et al. 2013).

CPSET, which assesses key characteristics of well-organised care processes in hospitals, was translated from Dutch into Norwegian in 2012 and piloted in Haugesund Hospital on the West coast of Norway. Later, a study including 27 care processes within 17 different medical conditions in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority yielded sufficient data to test the psychometric properties of the instrument. The results of this study are published in Journal of Interprofessional Care (Størkson, Biringer et al. 2016): In the study by Størkson et al. (2016), the Norwegian CPSET-scale showed acceptable psychometric properties in terms of convergent validity and reliability, and fit indices from a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) confirmed the factor structure from the original Belgian instrument version. Based on these findings, the research team behind the study recommends the translated version of the CPSET for use in health care research and quality improvement in Norway.

If you want to use the instrument, please contact:

Eva Biringer
Norwegian National Section of the European Pathway Association
Section of Research and Innovation
Helse Fonna HF, Norway

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