E-P-A’s Master Class and Round Table 2018 in retrospect

In September 2018, we celebrated E-P-A’s 10th anniversary with our Master Class and Round Table, shaping the future of Care Pathways. We look back at the Master Class with one of the participants, working in the pharma industry.


Why did you participate in the E-P-A Master Class?

Working in the medical department in pharmaceutical industry, we seek to create patient value by developing innovative medicines and vaccines and by positioning the right medicine for the right patient at the right time. This can be done if we truly understand the patient and stakeholders needs with the aim of creating shared value.

It was a privilege for me to participate at this year’s Master Class of the European Pathway Association focusing on shaping the future of care pathways (CP’s). The participants from different countries brought expertise and insights on CP’s in very diverse settings.


What are your learning outcomes?

The learnings were rich and multiple, e.g. on the objectives and construct of CP’s and how they are key to continuous quality improvement. Professor Vanhaecht and Professor Panella gave key note lectures on the development of CP’s, through the 7 phase approach and the expected results and outcome of these.

Key insights for me were the role of the team and the team climate for innovation in the successful development of CP’s, the evolution from focus on cost and length of stay to quality and outcome.

Prof Sermeus highlighted the framework of CP’s and the importance of patient involvement in the creation of CP’s.


And your take home message?

Participation at this Masterclass has allowed me to understand the challenges as well as the opportunities of Care Pathway’s but most of all the value they bring for patients, the team, other stakeholders and society. When developing new drugs and vaccines, we need to interact at an early stage with these multidisciplinary teams to understand how the innovation and value of new drugs may support and contribute to existing care pathways or how these new treatments can be integrated optimally.