E-P-A Master class: September 21-23, 2017, Venice Italy!

The 3-day international master class on care pathways and organisation of care processes will be organised from September 21-23, 201 in Venice, Italy. The master class will focus on care pathways in relation to other current topics such as Pathways for Health and Value Based Healthcare. This should be more than only jargon or some words in your mission statement. But how can you bring this value in your daily organisation of care? That is the challenge for this master class.

Programme in a nut-shell:

Day 1 Understanding Care Pathways. What are the origins of care pathways, care pathways as complex interventions, effects of care pathways and an overview of the E-P-A’s approach to care pathway development and implementation.

Day 2 Care Pathways as Complex Interventions. Based on our findings from various research and practice projects, care pathways as complex interventions will be explored including a link with Lean Management.

Day 3 Care Pathways in a Bigger Picture, Pathways for Health, Chronic care, Value Based Healthcare, involving different stakeholder perspectives.

See the full programme and practical information in the programme E-P-A Master Class 2017

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