E-P-A Master Class and Round Table on Care Pathways, September 2018

Celebrating E-P-A’s 10th anniversary and shaping the future of Care Pathways


From September 16 to 19, the 7th E-P-A master class was organized. For this edition, we returned to the venue of our first master class / summerschools, the beautiful Lago d’Orta in Italy. The content of this edition, however, was quite different.

With 25 delegates from 11 countries, there was mix of backgrounds and experiences. This was used to look back at care pathway development and implementation. Based on the experience of participants an master class facilitators, the next order of business was to look at the future. From the perspective of clinicians, managers, researchers and companies & and supportive organizations, the priorities and goals for care pathway development, implementation and research were explored over the next two days. This led to valuable discussions, showing that ‘outcomes’, improving ‘intervention fidelity’ and further refining ‘care pathway content’ are among the important goals for the future.

We are very happy with all the input, and will prepare a charter or position paper over the next weeks.

The participants shared some interesting ‘take home messages’ for their CEO’s and colleagues. Here is just a taste of it:

“Are we as institution ready to develop and implement care pathways?”

“I will do an Important-Performance-Analysis on my ward!”

“I will ask the CEO for his continued commitment to sustain care pathways.”

Group Orta 2018