Zimmer Biomet Enters Partnership with European Pathway Association to Study Hip Fragility Fracture Care Pathways

The European Pathway Association (E-P-A) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a research partnership with Zimmer Biomet to study Hip Fracture Care Pathways.
This partnership aims to Enhance the Care of People with Fragility Hip Fractures. The E-P-A is an international not-for-profit association committed to the development, implementation and evaluation of Care Pathways. The partnership’s main purpose is to launch a benchmark study of the key aspects of hip fragility fracture care. This study will aim to provide evidence-based data and insights to better understand the care process and help improve the quality, efficiency and outcomes of care pathways for patients with fragile hip fractures through Zimmer Biomet’s Rapid Recovery™ program implemented in select hospitals.

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