New National Section: Canada

From May 1st, E-P-A has a new National Section in Canada. Any country with more than 20 members can form a National Section. There are more than 20 individual E-P-A members in Canada, and there are two volunteers to lead the section.

Chair: Ms. Saima Awan, MBASaima
Ms. Awan is a Senior Manager of the Integrated Care Pathways program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. CAMH is Canada’s leading mental health hospital and the largest academic health science centre in the country focused on mental illness. Prior to this role, she has successfully implemented innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance clinical processes, patient care and overall clinical efficiency. In her current role she has designed and utilized the methodology of developing Integrated Care Pathways for Mental Health and Addictions. This work has been recognized by peer hospitals and provincial health agencies. She has build internal and external collaborations across the institution with Clinical Programs, Research, Education and works closely with clinical leadership, managers, frontline clinicians and physicians. Ms. Awan received her MBA from Queens University (Canada), she also holds certifications in LEAN/Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional and Quality Improvement/Patient Safety. Ms. Awan serves on a number of hospital committees and is a champion for integrating care.

AndriyCo-Chair: Dr. Andriy V. Samokhvalov, MD, PhD
Dr. Samokhvalov is a Staff Psychiatrist and Clinician-Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry of University of Toronto. Dr. Samokhvalov serves on a number of hospital committees including Pharmacy and Therapeutics subcommittee of the Medical Advisory Committee. Dr. Samokhvalov has taken an active part in development of CAMH Integrated Care Pathway for Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol Dependence. He has an excellent track record of formal or informal implementation activities that range from implementation of new treatment approaches in his clinical practice. Dr. Samokhvalov completed his MD and PhD at Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine). He has 12 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist in Canada and internationally. He has also been a Principal, Co-investigator, key collaborator and consultant on multiple research projects and grant proposals and authored 63 published works with the main focus on addictions and concurrent disorders. In 2014 Dr. Samokhvalov was the recipient of the Physician of Year Award at CAMH.

Future plans
Ms. Awan and Dr. Samokhvalov are delighted to be the inaugural chair and co-chair of the Canadian Section of the European Pathway Association. We are excited to officially start collaborations with our Canadian members and colleagues internationally with a common goal of improving the quality of care through the implementation of the ICP paradigm. We are both passionate about Integrated Care Pathways and have recently received a grant to disseminate one of our CAMH ICPs at eight other health facilities within the province of Ontario, Canada. This will allow us to work with specialists across multiple disciplines and variety of settings. Our primary goals for the Canadian Section of the European Pathways Association are to increase awareness about Integrated Care Pathways across Canada and to engage more specialists within the Canadian Section. We also look forward to continue spreading the ICP knowledge through presentations at scientific forums, nationally and internationally, as well as to host gatherings for our members in Canada.